We all know about the traditional way of getting jobs – an employer has a need that they outline in the form of a job posting online.  If you’re a candidate, you apply, and if there appears to be a match, the employer will contact you for an interview.  But think about the power of doubling your odds of finding your next great fit … how do you go about being noticed online, and contacted by employers, instead of just blindly submitting your resume and hoping to hear back?

As a hiring manager, I love it when we find great candidates through non-traditional means.  Here are some strategies for getting noticed by potential employers:

Have an Online Resume

Create an online profile on social media sites such as LinkedIn. The more extensive, the better.  Make sure it touts your strengths and has enough information on your background and experience to intrigue an employer.  Think of it as your resume – it needs to be professional and create a strong impression of you.

Polish Your Social Profiles

Building off #1, make sure your other online profiles (such as Facebook, etc.) don’t have anything on them you wouldn’t want a future employer to see. More and more employers look at social media before making hiring decisions, so be aware of what’s out there about you.


Participate in industry-related organizations that allow you to network and meet new people. Our firm is active in several organizations and we often meet qualified candidates by running in the same circles.  You never know when a casual contact turns into an opportunity.  At the very least, you may end up with a referral to a company or a job lead.

Get Involved

Get involved in the community. Some of the best employers are heavily involved in the community and like to hire employees who share the same passion.  You are all working for the same cause and you can’t help but brush shoulders with people from all walks of life.  One of them could be your future employer.

Notice what these strategies have in common?  They all require you to “get out there.”  When you think about it, it’s not that different than dating – you have to get out in the world in order to meet your future “other half.”   So, get out there and start promoting yourself.  People like me are actively searching for top talent like you!

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