Escape Rooms: Your Next Team-Building Activity?

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There is a new form of entertainment popping up across the country: Escape Rooms. It involves a group of players being trapped in a room for 45-90 minutes while solving a series of puzzles to [...]

Intentionally Building a Better Workplace Culture

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I’ve had a few jobs where workplace culture slowly evolves over time and just “is what it is.” This intangible quality of the work environment shouldn’t be ignored; when workplace culture is intentionally shaped and [...]

Boost Your Brainpower!

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Our brain is like a muscle and it needs to be exercised too! The great news is that our brains can change and develop no matter how old we are, simply by doing different tasks [...]

I Choose Trust

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I’ve been in the workforce and management long enough that I’ve seen a bunch of situations and different kinds of people by now. While the majority of my experiences have been positive, there have been [...]

Keeping Your Inbox Clean

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At work, my email inbox is my whole world. I check it constantly and it dictates my task list and how my day runs. But I had to ask myself if I was in control [...]

How to Create a Great Workplace Environment

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There are many different opinions as to what it takes to truly make a great workplace environment. Some people will argue that the possible “perks” associated with a company are what to look for, while [...]

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