When you think of anniversaries, you typically think roses, candlelit dinners, and weird traditions like exchanging gifts made of wood, paper or cotton.  However, anniversaries don’t have to be just for couples.  An important part of Klemchuk culture is recognizing not only our employee anniversaries, but clients as well.  We strive to show both our team and clients how special they are and this is a small acknowledgment that can be managed on a budget and not be an extravagant expense.

Employee Anniversary Ideas

– Every year on an employees’ anniversary, send a nice email to the company, recognizing the persons’ strengths and thanking them for their outstanding service.

– Managers can take their team member to a lunch or happy hour, as most employees always appreciate an opportunity to get out of the office.

– Companies can also give a small (or large) gift. Gifts such as personalized paperweights or trinkets, a gift card to a local restaurant or spa, or something as simple as a coffee and Chick-fil-a chicken biscuit or flowers waiting on their desk when they arrive that morning will be much appreciated by your team members.

Client Anniversary Ideas

– Be sure to use this as a relationship-building opportunity. Send a personalized note to the client, thanking them for their business and great attitude. Let them know it has been a pleasure working with them.

– Gifts are always appreciated, but again don’t have to be extravagant. Cookie deliveries, chocolates, or something personal and specific to your client are great budget friendly options.  We’ve sent clients beautiful gourmet truffles, tiny MICROCHIP cookies, and slightly inappropriately named, but fun nut mixes.  If you have a larger budget, tickets to local sporting events could be a fun present as well.

Klemchuk celebrates anniversaries every year, however, your company should establish a program that reflects your culture. You can focus on milestone years such as the first, fifth, or tenth, or even something unique like odd-year anniversaries.  Whatever you choose to do, clients and employees will appreciate the recognition.

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