Our firm is heavily focused on building and maintaining a great culture. We have spent a ton of time and effort creating corporate core values and rewarding and recognizing employees based on them. We have a really cohesive team because of it. But of course we can’t only have a team of employees that are a core values match – those team members must also be able to get things done and do their job successfully. An employee who is a great core values match but isn’t able to accomplish the tasks and projects required of them may be a pleasure to be around, but they aren’t going to propel the business forward. Conversely, even the best performer, who has a poor attitude or isn’t a team player, is simply not worth the cost to the business.

Because of this, our firm came up with a shorthand saying that simplifies this reality and outlines the reason our best employees are successful at our firm:

It’s called “GSD + P.” Getting Stuff Done while exhibiting a Positive attitude.

The most valued team members at our firm consistently have this. They accomplish amazing amounts of work while putting others first and maintaining a positive attitude. When you stop and think about it – aren’t your favorite people to work with like this? Aren’t these people the ones that really drive the business forward and add the most value to the team?

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