In Dallas we are experiencing a really tight job market right now.  Unemployment is low, and the majority of top talent candidates are actively employed and engaged with their current company.  What that means is that retaining your current talent is more important than ever.  But what do employees really want?  Leaders often think they know what’s attracting and keeping their employees, but they may not always be right.  And often money isn’t at the top of the list.  See below for some benefits or perks to consider offering or improving in order to attract and retain the best people:

1. Flexible work environment. This can come in many forms whether it’s offering a flexible schedule, the ability to work remotely, or providing a good work/life balance.

2. More time off. Sometimes employees actually prefer more time off to spend with their families and on outside interests than even a bonus.  Time is really valuable to people, so consider giving them some more of it back.  An added bonus – multiple studies have shown that employees who take more vacations are actually more productive.

3. Support community involvement. Employees are often more engaged when they are connected and involved with the community.  Consider giving employees dedicated time during the work day to volunteer with their favorite organization.

4. More onsite resources. Whether it’s a gym or a relaxation room, or an onsite childcare center, employees love onsite resources.  We spend such a large proportion of our life at work, why not provide employees with resources at their reach?

5. Empower your employees. Establish a culture of trust and empower your employees with the autonomy they need to do their jobs effectively.  Hire the right people and then get out of their way.  Empowered employees are more engaged and productive, and therefore loyal to the company.  It costs the company nothing and will actually add to the company’s bottom-line because engaged employees provide top-notch service – both internally and to your clients.

Not sure which of these strategies to employ?  Want to explore some other possibilities?  Consider creating an employee feedback survey and ask them what they value most, and what they would like to see at your company.  Be prepared to receive their feedback and make changes that are appropriate for your company and culture.

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