About Klemchuk LLP

Positive Work Environment

We don’t think a law firm has to be traditional.  We constantly challenge the status quo in order to live out our purpose, and we seek talent with the same mindset to help us get there.

Corporate Core Values

We pride ourselves on being a different type of law firm.  At Klemchuk LLP, we believe a great culture is the key to a successful business. And over the years, we have learned that building a strong culture is not easy – it requires a consistent commitment to, and investment in, our people and core values.  At Klemchuk LLP, our core values include:

  1. Service: Great attitude, puts others first
  2. Passion: Driven to make an impact
  3. Courage: To do the right thing
  4. Commitment: Someone you can count on
  5. Innovation: Always open to a better way

Our core values guide the decisions we make – it affects how we choose our clients, who we hire, and governs our management decisions. We strive to create a “great place for great people to work.”

Conscious Capitalism

We participate in the Conscious Capitalism movement and believe that a strong culture and purpose drive profitability. By focusing on our people instead of the bottom line, we employ happy, dedicated people who, in turn, produce solid results for our clients. By producing strong client results, we attract more quality clients. And as our client demand grows, our profitability increases.

Positive Workplace Culture

So please read our blog posts for thoughts on corporate core values, workplace productivity, entrepreneurial management, positive work environment, positive workplace, Conscious Capitalism, and more.

Our Workplace


Contact Us

For more information on Klemchuk LLP and its culture initiatives and thoughts on building a positive work environment, please contact Chelsea Green at Chelsea.green@klemchuk.com.


Seeking Talent

We are constantly seeking top talent that fit our values to join our team. If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a part of our innovative team and building a positive work environment, please contact us at the information below.


Culture Initiatives

We love learning from other law firms and companies that value culture and positive work environments like we do. If you’re interested in sharing ideas, or learning more about Klemchuk LLP and its culture initiatives, please contact us.