The Productivity Problem: Working Smarter or Working Harder?

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Productivity has become a hot topic in today’s ultra-connected world. The expectation is that we are never more than one touchscreen swipe away from any task at hand. While we may have unlimited resources when [...]

Understanding and Creating a Great Company Culture

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What is Organizational Culture? In your last interview, were you asked what kind of culture you were looking for in your next role? Ask any hiring manager today about a good vs. bad “fit.” What [...]

The Troubling Reality of Employee Engagement and How to Build a Better Company Future

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Is employee motivation or employee engagement part of your business strategy? If not, it should be, as a demotivated employee may hurt the efficiency, productivity, profits and growth of your company. Gallup has conducted research on [...]

What Changes to Expect in Modern Law Firms

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What does it mean to be a modern law firm? More remote employees, firms using the latest technology, and thinking outside the traditional structure tend to be things that come to mind. However, one of [...]

Effective Leadership: It’s Not About You

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Martin Luther King, Jr., Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, John F. Kennedy, Mahatma Gahndi, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln… these are just a few individuals who come to mind when asked to provide examples of leaders. While [...]

Managing, Motivating, and Retaining Remote Employees

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Working remotely is becoming not just an occasional perk for workplaces, but the basis of some teams or companies. Allowing employees to work from home allows for more flexibility and less overhead costs. However, hiring [...]

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